Here, this article will provide you AMAZON CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER, Email, and toll-free numbers. As you all people know that Amazon is the biggest and most popular platform for buying products that are useful for us and we like.

Not only in India but also in other countries Amazon is as popular as in India. So, we may face problems and want to get in touch with their customer care team.

amazon customer care number

Amazon Customer Care Numbers And Complaint Email –

  • Amazon customer services number – 1800 3000 9009 (customer care number)
  • need help with registration – Call 1800-419-7355 (Toll-free)
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – 888-280-4331
  • Phone number: 020 7084 7911

E-mail id to contact the amazon support team CUSTOMER SERVICE

Some important links to get help from Amazon related to:-

  1. orders – Track and manage your orders by visiting here.
  2. about returns and refunds
  3. manage your addresses
  4. payment setting
  5. manage prime
  6. account setting

Why online chat options are not available?

there are many e-commerce websites that offer online chat options. With the use of this feature, you can chat with an executive of that company and solve your problems. but there is no online chatting option on amazon. you can call them or you can request to call back.

after the call back request you will get a call from the amazon customer support team. Sometimes it can take a little bit of time. if you do not want to call them you can send them an email. and you will get a reply within a day(24 hours).
I understand that it is better to be an online chat option because we can store our chatting records. but it is missing.

contact them via social media-
amazon twitter handle
Instagram account
facebook page

amazon customer care

So I anticipate that you have got your result to your search query.

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